It's tulip season!

Spring has sprung and that means it's tulips season, baby! We receive a fresh shipment of Dutch grown tulips mid-week, so the best days to order and have these luscious blooms delivered to your special recipient is Thursday or Friday. 

Prices start at RM200 for tulip bouquets and pre-orders are strongly encouraged. Our floral designers have been having fun with these superstars of spring; here are some photos:

The little things that make our day! Thanks for the note, MG ðŸ’•.

An over the arm bouquet of 20 tulips with flowing eucalyptus parviflora and pistachia lentiscus. 

An organisation bids adieu to a much liked boss with this bespoke Dutch cymbidium and tulips floral handbag in her favourite colour scheme. Floral handbags start at RM160. The design as featured is RM220.

. Give us a call at +6014 368 1044.


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