Nook Flowers Valentine's Day 2011

For Valentine's Day 2011, Nook Flowers presents a stunning aqua packed bouquet of a dozen handpicked roses, lovingly hand-wrapped in Nook Flowers’ signature style.

Prices start from RM130.00 ONLY (single colour & excludes delivery charges).

*** Order before February 1, 2011 and pay only RM110! (single colour & excludes delivery charges)***

Need more than flowers?
- Just add RM19.90 for an arrangement in a clear glass vase.
- Sweeten your declarations with premium Lavand chocolates starting from RM40.00
If roses don’t tickle your fancy give us a call at 014 368 1044. Let’s talk flowers.

* Our normal delivery hours are from 10am-5pm. Where possible we will try to accommodate your request on specific timing but this is subject to the day’s delivery’s schedule
* To ensure you get the best of our service & due to the popularity of Valentine’s Day, please place your orders at least 3 days ahead of intended delivery date.
* Prices quoted excludes delivery rates.



Wedding Under a Marquee

At Nook Flowers, we absolutely love to be part of weddings. It bring us great joy creating the perfect atmosphere through our floral arrangements. We had the joy of creating this floral symphony at a recent wedding held at Ciao Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.


Nook's Memorials Selection

One popular way to express your sympathy when someone passes away is to send flowers to the surviving family or the deceased funeral. During these times, it is sometimes hard to express sympathetic feelings in words. However, when you give flowers for a funeral, the meaning is understood. When people give flowers, they are giving an expression of love, respect, and sympathy. Funeral flowers are just a symbol of these feelings that create a feeling of warmth and beauty at the funeral or memorial gathering.

Selecting funeral flowers needs to encompass a message of sorrow, sympathy, and love. The flowers you choose can express feelings and emotions and can send a meaningful message.

At Nook Flowers, we design tasteful and meaningful wreaths and arrangements to help you express your sympathy. Below is a selection of memorials we have designed in the past.


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