Chinoiserie Chic

This tablescape by Nook Flowers is themed Chinoiserie Chic - a melding of old world charm and an eclectic, modern, blooming colour palette. Chinoiserie or the fanciful, whimsical, and flamboyant European interpretation of the Chinese style of deco, presents beautifully as a wedding theme.

The cool hues of the vintage blue and white porcelain - the French call it Blanc de Chine͟ - is unusually paired with flamboyant, exotic textures of flowers with bold colours. The choices of flowers utilised were roses, hydrangea, pincushion protea, snapdragons, chrysanthemums, hypericum berries, rice flower, alstromeria and anthuriums.

Collaborative partners: Organised by Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP) Malaysia. Photo by Mphotoo​. Venue courtesy of Official Tai Thong Group Malaysia​. Stationery by Acadia Card. Wedding favour SS2U Wedding​.


Happy Malaysia Day

Beautiful, colourful and diverse, just like our country. Happy Malaysia Day, Nooklets!
All the flowers used in this design are Malaysian grown.



The Art of Floristry

Proudly made in Malaysia, Nook Flowers celebrates the art of bespoke
and luxurious floristry. We are a small business that strives to design arrangements that are personal to your sentiments. Our talented, passionate and knowledgeable floristas create floral art with local flowers as our first choice, but we love working with any and all flowers. Everything is hand crafted to order. We care deeply about the environment and are committed to conducting our business in harmony with nature. To us the emphasis is flora - full of colour, texture and vibrant in themselves; the packaging is secondary and should never detract from the flowers.
This is why most of our bouquets are wrapped in the most minimalist of ways, or why we choose foam-free arrangements wherever possible. We encourage customers to bring in their upcycled containers and we opt for natural packaging. Not the easiest of routes but we try hard to walk the talk on this. Cited by Her World Malaysia as one of the Top 10 floral services providers in Kuala Lumpur. We believe in magic - the floral kind.



Blooming Unicorns: Say hello to Zinnia

Introducing ZINNIA the latest addition to our Blooming Unicorns collection!

Zinnia is a friend to all animals, especially butterflies! Her mane is colourful and wild. She's playful and full of wanderlust. Her best friends are Myra the Donkey and Pugsy the dog and every summer, they vacation in Peru! Zinnia secretly wants to do stand up comedy and sometimes she tests her material on us... 

"What do you call a Unicorn with long lashes"?..."a uni brow". She's still working on her material. 

Rm39.90 (excluding delivery). Please call to order and due to popularity pre-orders are strongly encouraged. 

#zinniatheunicorn #bloomingunicorns

Zinnia was inspired by our amazing friends at Doggy Bag Malaysia, the love that they pour into their wholesome product range, and how they walk the talk in caring for the strays in their neighbourhood. Tipping our floral hats to Sara Lo and Sazly Marhusin. Thank you lovely humans, you guys are pawsitively awesome!



Blooming Unicorns

"Do you know, I always thought unicorns were fabulous monsters, too? I never saw one alive before!" 

"Well, now that we have seen each other," said the unicorn, "if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you." 

– Lewis Carroll; Through the Looking Glass 

Yes, you read that right. We have unicorns ... and we're pairing these mythical magical creatures with our other adored passion - succulents! 

Meet the Blooming Unicorns and get to know the personalities


Petunia loves to read. She’s a bibliophile with an ever growing collection of books for her bookshelves. Her idea of paradise is a library that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and serves coffee! Petunia is also a hopeless romantic and the sight of old couples who hold hands while walking makes her smile.


Daisy loves to travel. Her favourite past time is to pour over maps researching new travel destinations. She has an old gypsy soul and loves sharing adventure stories with her niece and nephew. Daisy collects postcards from vibrant cities located all over the world. Don’t forget to send her one the next time the travel bug bites you.


Lizzie is a music lover. She believes in music the way some people believe in fairy tales. Never a dull moment around Lizzie as she’s always breaking out in song! She recently started playing the cello and every Friday evening, although nervous, she performs at the little park around the corner. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood drop by.

Stay tuned, new characters will be introduced periodically. Rm39.90 per pot (excluding delivery) and comes with a description card. Call 6014 368 1044 to order. Pre-orders encouraged.



Her World - Best Flower Delivery Services in Klang Valley

Her World Malaysia.
Originally published on 23 May 2018

Thank you for the love Her World and for adding Nook Flowers into your list of Best Flower Delivery Services in Klang Valley! 

To hep you find beautiful arrangements that last, we've rounded up some of the best flower delivery services in KL. After all. nothing says 'I Love You' better than a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Best Flower Delivery Services in Klang Valley:


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