KLites who pursued alternative careers

Time Out Kuala Lumpur recently published a series on KLites who pursued alternative careers - who dared to ditch their jobs and follow their passion. Our very own Principal Florista Brenda James was approached to share her story.

Here's the link to the article: KL-ites who Pursued Alternative Careers

Once in a while, you might find yourself daydreaming at your desk at work about what life could have been like if you followed your dreams. You might think it's impossible, but these KLites prove that it's quite the opposite. We spoke to these daring people who left their conventional day jobs for something more fulfilling.

Brenda's story of how she founded Nook Flowers doesn't exactly play out like the usual 'quit your boring day job and jump straight into unfamiliar territory ' fantasies we all have in our head. Before Nook, Brenda was happily working in the brand communications industry. She spent a decade building and strengthening the skill set that made her the successful florist that she is today. 

Despite enjoying her role at her previous job, Brenda had always wanted a job that would make her happy in the long term, something that would allow her to expand creatively. Since floristry was something she was already good at - a talent she attributes to her mum - she decided that it was the ideal field to get into. 'When the time came, I made a graceful exit from the world of brand communications and fell head on into the world of floristry,' Brenda said 

After quitting her job, Brenda took a break and started planning her next steps, which quickly turned into an 'idealistic ' business plan. 'It was idealistic as it took a couple of months into the business to realise the reality of trade and retail business can bite hard,' she said. Things became twice as tough as she opened her business in 2008 just as the financial crisis hit the nation.

Fortunately, she managed to overcome the challenges, 'We downsized our operational space and dug our heels in to stay for the long term.' Brenda hasn't looked back since; apart from a growing clientele list, Nook has established itself as the go-to florist in town for unique and innovative floral arrangements. 

By Time Out KL Editors
Originally Published: Wednesday August 23 2017


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