Happy Monday

Hope everyone had a brilliant long break! We're getting back into the groove of things too with this batch of handmade message cards. Couple of more finishing touches and it'll be ready.



Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration and may it be filled with happy memories. Be safe on the roads everyone. Your Floristas will be taking a break as well and we resume operations on Monday, 23 February 2015. 

*Please note all deliveries for Monday will only be sent out after 1.00pm as we need to restock in the morning.



Lunar in Bloom

Hua kai fu gui' translates to when flowers bloom, prosperity comes. Here's a selection of some of our designs which take into account cultural significance and symbolism. Where possible, we have used locally sourced flowers and foliage in these creations.

Dual-toned pandanus leaves playfully weaved around striking red crab claws and yellow mokara orchids, presented in a faux rock vase.

Corporate styling based on a contemporary CNY theme for an airport check in facillity.
The arrangements feature a mix of yellow ping pongs, carnations sprays, gerberas and gold branches.

Festive pops of colours in this design which features pussy willows, birds of paradise, mokara orchids and song of Jamaica. The little red dangling lantern adds an old fashioned touch.

Crab claws stand proud amidst red carnations, gold mokara orchids and sprays of orchids. The long and low arrangements feature a mix of yellow gerberas, red carnations and hypericum berries.

Curly bamboo adored with lucky knot stands tall among gerberas and red pussy willows.
[Note: Although white is not a favoured choice for traditionalist, this arrangement was custom made as it reflected the client's corporate colours.]

This 360 degree view composition is perfect for a side board or free standing table.

Lunar New Year themed lobby centerpiece for K Hotel. Composition features red pussy willows, mokara orchids in yellow, mango and orange shades, yello caspia and multi textured foliage.

A melange of crab claws, yellow ping ponds and orchids for the lobby and reception counters.

Red crab claw sentinels stand watch over a flourish of gold ramsey orchids and red anthuriums 'bows' on a bed of jadeite greens.

Red crab claws takes centerstage and is paired with anthuriums, carnations and berries.

The Birds of Paradise in these composition adds a handsome spalsh of blue amidst the greens and yellows.

Complemeting arrangements for lower and higher tables with a vibrant mix of crab claws, orchids, carnations and chrysanthemums.



The Valentine's That Was

It was an exceptional Valentine's Day and we hope all your Love Blooms were well received. Thank you for trusting us with your expressions of love! 

Shout out also to all friends-of-Nook, who dropped in bearing coffee, desserts and packed lunches - all of you are bright, shining stars and it was lovely to be surrounded by so much affection. 



Letterpress Art at The Alphabet Press

It's always nice to make new friends! We're excited to make the acquaintance of the passionate folks from The Alphabet Press - TAP and have a private tour of their painstakingly curated and restored facility. 

Letterpress production, an art in itself, is something very close to our hearts (our childhood days revolved around printing presses), so it was an emotional treat to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the space. Thank you Cliff Leong for making the time to spend the morning with us smile emoticon. Moving forward we are thoroughly excited about this collaboration.

Long Live Letterpress, indeed! Watch this space, folks!


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