Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015

Public Service Announcement: If you're headed out to Royal Floria Putrajaya, here are some points to note: It's outdoors and blazing hot (temps soared to 34C yesterday but felt waaaay hotter). Sensible clothing  footwear, umbrella, hats, sunscreen are must haves.

Set Waze point to: Floria Putrajaya Car Park

It seemed like parking was a free for all, although there are designated areas; just be mindful of which zone you're parked at.

The ticket booth is by the mainroad outside the primary entrance. Tickets are rm5 for mykad holders and rm10 for non-mykad holders. But once inside the grounds you'd still need to buy a separate ticket to enter the Spring & Winter Dome. It costs rm3 and the booth for this is located next to the Dome.

It seemed hard to get a guide map for the exhibit zones. If it helps, here's a photo of the site map, do save it to your phone.

For refreshments, there are food trucks, stalls and beverage vending machines in most zones. But carry some water anyway.

The plant display is the first zone you'll pass through and there are lots of good buys. Our advice is, make your purchase on your way OUT so that you don't have to lug these bags throughout the exhibit.

Inside the covered display areas, the domes are air conditioned and a nice respite from the heat. But there aren't any benches to sit. So you'll find people sitting on the edge of the larger artistic displays - most probably the ones you'll want to photograph. But if you politely tell them that you'd like to take a photo, folks do step aside with a sheepish smile :)

Be patient, especially if you're a photography enthusiast cause the exhibits are beautiful and worth the few seconds to wait for, as folks will be whipping out their mobile phones, and inadvertently stick it right infront of your face.

Take your time and enjoy the profusion and abundance of flowers and plants on display and appreciate the hard work that went into it. Remember no picking of the flowers :)



Green That Balcony

As the neighbourhood flower shop, we keep getting requests from plant loving citizens of Bangsar South for balcony suited plants that can take the brunt of the sun. 

Here's a selection of sun-loving, balcony dwellers that work in big ways for small spaces. Naturally, these cute poppets would double up as green gifts as well - the kind that keeps on growing and giving.  



Mother's Day is Sunday, 10 May 2015

Show Mom some bloomin' love! 

Mother's Day is Sunday, 10 May 2015 and pre-orders are now open. Please note our delivery service is from Monday- Friday, orders for Saturday and Sunday are limited to pick-up from Nook Flowers. 

Due to the popularity of the event, please do book early. 


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