Wedding: Sherril & Anand, in a Garden by the Sea

A wedding that was 8 months of planning and full of delightful details. Sherril loved the idea of using succulents in the wedding and naturally that became our starting point. Next up came a beautiful colour palette that ranged from rich plum to jadeite green, which she shared with all attending the wedding and in true form guests arrived wearing apparels inspired by the colour theme! Next we added all the shabby, chic, rustic details and voila the pieces fell into place. 

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: The chiller packed to the hilt with with rustic compositions of eustomas, mums, hydrangeas and baby's breath.

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: Votives wrapped in vintage lace

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: Trays and trays of succulents everywhere
Teeny tiny pegs painted in wedding theme colours.

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: Grapevine baskets filled with mokara and dendrobium orchids, prepped and ready to be hung on shepard hooks

The gorgeous bridesmaids getting dolled up with fresh flowers in their hair.
Love how the jewel toned succulents in each bouquet pops out to announce its presence! 

Each bouquet was just slightly different from the other - specially made for the lovely lady carrying it.

The bride and her bridesmaids. This photo perfectly describes the joy and fun that surrounded this wedding.

Fairy lights everywhere added a magical ambiance.

Single cymbidium orchid sits pretty on the place setting.

All the theme colours of the wedding gloriously made up this sculptural wishing tree.

A river of colour poured down from the wishing tree onto the table.

Submerged orchids dotted with flickering light from floating candles were placed everywhere in the cocktail area preceding the ballroom.



Merry Christmas 2014

And then they found a little nook in a stable all forlorn,

and in a manger cold and dark, Mary's little boy was born.

Oh a moment still worth was a glow, all the bells rang out
there were tears of joy and laughter, people shouted
"let everyone know, there is hope for all to find peace".

Nook Flowers reopens on December 20, 2014



Christmas in Bloom

We get terribly excited when it comes to Christmas. Festive floral, foliage, gourmet goodies and bespoke decorations certainly gets us into the mood of the season. From bespoke door wreaths to seasonal centerpieces and gifts, we'll work with you to create beautiful festive creations. 

For more information and a chat about what you would like please call, email, visit our social media pages or just drop in to the store.

A centerpiece for the special 'stars' in your life. This wooden star shaped box is filled with seasonal foliage, spider mums, gerberas and hypericum berries along with pine cones. 
*only limited quantity of these boxes are available*

Christmas succulents! Presented in faux rock vase with a mixed selection of succulents and seasonal trimmings. As these are only potted and composed when an order comes in, we would appreciate a lead time of at least 3 days.

You can gift a bottle of wine for Christmas the normal way ... or you could do it the Nook way presented in a grapevine basket, with spray of fresh carnations, pine cones and seasonal trimmings.

Glorious smelling fresh wreath made with Noble Fir, Christmas fir, eucalyptus, oranges, mini pears and bunches of cinnamon. (Minimum three days pre-order required.)

Tired of a traditional cloth runner for the dining table. How about this fresh one instead?

We love the old-fashioned look of this door wreath made on a vine and root base and adorned with gypsophila and faux berries.
Photographed by: Aldwin Lee

Roses take place of pride in this Christmas wreath which also features pine cones and gypsophila.
[Available in 3 sizes - featured is Small - 12 to 14 inches across ]

Vintage style revisited in this rustic wreath made with a twig base, adorned with soft caspia, and finished with a festive bow. Perfect for the front door.

This wreath smells as fresh as a meadow after rain - noble fir interspersed with Christmas fir, gypsophila and pine cones. [Available in 3 sizes - featured is Small - 12 to 14 inches across ]

A full-on traditional wreath with roses, carnation sprays, pine cones and gypsophila.
[Available in 3 sizes - featured is Small - 12 to 14 inches across ]

We've had a high demand for our bespoke fresh eucalyptus wreaths. Please order early as we only make a limited number of these. [Featured size is 15 inches across ]
Photo credit: Aldwin Lee



Nook Homme

Everyone loves getting presents and you don’t need to be too stumped if your Manly Man doesn't care too much for flowers. Give us a call and tell us about his taste and we'll help you design a gift that's sure to please.

Here’s a selection of treats that’s a definite win-win – he gets the goodies and you get to enjoy the flowers too! Plus the accolade of being the coolest wife, girlfriend, partner, pal ever! 
Ps: Jealous stares from co-workers are a bonus ;)

Introducing our BROquet ... because Real Men like flowers, especially when it comes with his favourite tipple. 100% customisable and 200% sure to please!

Handmade clear vase filled with chocolates and topped with a floral composition of orange liliums, eucalyptus and yellow roses, and dotted with plox.

Handmade clear vase filled with chocolates and topped with a floral composition of orange daisies, Australian wax flowers, caspia and deep purple pom poms.
Say it it style with this basket of birds of paradise, conca d'or lilies, roses, eustomas and berries with a nice bottle of wine.

Sweets for your sweets! A selection of his favourite candy artfully presented in a picnic hamper.


Floral palette: Roses and Cymbidiums

Here's the floral palette from Sanjay & Komathi's stunning wedding on Sunday - at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur. Photos to follow.

Featuring predominantly roses and cymbidium orchids in shades of red, maroon, yellow, peach, two types of orange, and champagne. 



Cherishing the Years Together

For a 16th anniversary celebration - An extra large composition of lilies, ping pong mums, and orchids in a bed of rich textured greens featuring euphorbia, eucalyptus, song of Jamaica and ivy. The special features here are the suspended glass vial of orchids on salix branches, and the grapevine heart. It'll be stunning once the lilies bloom completely.



Sweets for my sweets ...

...sugar for my honey! A super special birthday girl received this custom made basket of confectionery filled with miniature treats. Happy birthday Miss. B!

These delightful baskets come in 2 sizes - Medium (as featured with 60 pieces of confectionery) and Large (100 pieces). 

* Please note that as all our baskets are custom sourced we only have limited pieces of each design. 
* Also, as everything is custom made, please place your orders a minimum of 3 working days ahead. 



Heaven Gained Another Angel

"Flowers are music from the ground 
From earth's lips spoken with sound ...
So go the flowers place to place
The sweetest friends of the human race;
Then finally the last place of all
Upon men's graves they gladly fall,
And lie there dreaming with their friends
Flowers with flowers, as the long day ends.
(Edwin Curran)


Good Enough to Eat!

It's the weekend! Go ahead and send some love.
These chocolates-filled, flower-topped arrangements in a classy glass vase is sure to please on all fronts.

Floral top features a composition of ping pong mums, daisies and Australian wax flowers. 

Show stopping mix of liliums, roses and plox in shades of golden yellow. 


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