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The Sun Daily. Posted on 4 December 2008 - 06:22pm

Floral Impressions -

Always wishing to set up a florist’s of their own, sisters Brenda James and Belinda realised their dream with the opening of Nook Flowers recently.

Unlike other flower boutiques or florists that you may have come across, Nook Flowers has minimal decorations, a subtle interior about it and a soft beckoning to passers-by to step in.

It was not an easy decision for Brenda, 31, to leave her public relations career and to engage in the flower business especially when she did not have any experience. But now she is thoroughly involved and learning the ropes of the trade fast.

"I thought it was time for me to do something on my own to beat the mundane nine to five hours.

"Working at the PR firm was great definitely, but I thought it was time to move on. I never had time to spend with myself.

"It was always fulfilling other people’s needs. With my own floral bastion, I have more time to lay back and reflect on life and take comfort in it," said Brenda.

"We used to look forward to weddings or parties among our friends or family and would volunteer to decorate the place with flowers or take over the entire flower arrangements for a wedding. It never occurred to us that we could turn that little talent into a business," said Belinda.

What changed in Brenda’s life was not only her career, but her lifestyle altogether. Instead of being driven to work, she now cycles. Trading her formal office suits for jeans and T-shirts is another pleasant change that came with her new venture.

"I would miss those days when I was formally dressed to work. But, hey, ‘T-shirts’ and ‘jeans’ are not that bad and sneakers are so comfortable for my feet which were once used to ‘high heels’," added Brenda.

Calling themselves the "neighbourhood florist", the sisters not only cater for weddings and parties, but also deliver flowers once in a while when there are requests from their neighbourhood friends or customers.

People would just give them a call and they would deliver the flowers once they are done at the shop.

"Besides that, we also have weekly delivery services and flower arrangements for offices.

"For example the foyer, reception desk, boardroom, common work areas or any location within the office. We replace flowers with fresh ones weekly," said Brenda.

Having done four weddings so far, although they have only been open for 10 weeks, the response has so far been good.

Surprisingly, some customers who walk into their shop have "wacky" ideas about using flowers as a decorative piece and this has motivated them to indulge in some creative takes.

"We try to be as different and as startling as we can.

"Most of our walk-in customers have been very satisfied and even send text messages to thank us.

"It is a very nice feeling to know that our customers appreciate our effort," added Brenda.

Nook Flowers also offers customised wrapping, first-born treasure boxes and floral creations for every occasion.

"We try our best and we hope that our clientele will grow.

"As of now, we have made friends with people who just step in to have a look-see. Some wave at us each time they walk to the restaurants or back home and it’s an affirmative feeling that we both get," said Belinda.

As these sisters are always ready to hand you their "floral best", visit Nook Flowers if you have been looking for a florist who would help you express your feelings through flowers.

Not only do they have a wide array of flowers and floral designs, they also have a wide selection of ideas that could transform an ordinary looking rose or daisy into something alluring just for you.

In addition to that, a simple henna service is available at Nook Flowers.

Located at Lower Ground Floor, Village, Bangsar South, 2, Jalan 1/112H, off Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Nook Flowers is a transparent lot at the corner. For more enquiries, call 6014-368 1044 or log on to


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