Sweets for my sweets ...

...sugar for my honey! A super special birthday girl received this custom made basket of confectionery filled with miniature treats. Happy birthday Miss. B!

These delightful baskets come in 2 sizes - Medium (as featured with 60 pieces of confectionery) and Large (100 pieces). 

* Please note that as all our baskets are custom sourced we only have limited pieces of each design. 
* Also, as everything is custom made, please place your orders a minimum of 3 working days ahead. 



Heaven Gained Another Angel

"Flowers are music from the ground 
From earth's lips spoken with sound ...
So go the flowers place to place
The sweetest friends of the human race;
Then finally the last place of all
Upon men's graves they gladly fall,
And lie there dreaming with their friends
Flowers with flowers, as the long day ends.
(Edwin Curran)


Good Enough to Eat!

It's the weekend! Go ahead and send some love.
These chocolates-filled, flower-topped arrangements in a classy glass vase is sure to please on all fronts.

Floral top features a composition of ping pong mums, daisies and Australian wax flowers. 

Show stopping mix of liliums, roses and plox in shades of golden yellow. 


Ben and Sabrina - An Intimate Garden Wedding

When the lovely Sabrina Saw called and asked us to come on board for their celebration of love, we hesitated for a bit because as a rule we only take one wedding per weekend, and had already committed for another event. Long story short, things worked out and we're so glad we said YES (pun intended) as the couple were a joy to work with, and open to all the ideas we shared. 

With this wedding, the key was to keep everything personalised, intimate and fur-babies' friendly as the couple's babies Samba, Steve and Gizmo were very much part of the celebrations as well. Thank you Sabrina Saw-Challenger and Ben Challenger, here's wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and blessings. 

[Photos reproduced with kind permission from the bride]

Our favourite photo from the wedding. It was pouring the whole morning so this ray of sunshine was a welcome sight.

Baskets of mokara and dendrobium orchids hanging from grapevine baskets on shepard's hooks.

Understated chic with these cymbidiums in fish bowl vases surrounded by mokara orchids.

The bride and her bespoke phalaenopsis orchid bouquet.

Congratulations #MrAndMrsChallenger #benbrinawedding

The cosy red and white tablescape.

Such a magical sight.

Floating grapevine hearts with candles and phalaenopsis orchids. (Thank you Danny Leong for figuring out the mechanics of keeping them afloat!)

Love how gorgeous these look.



Deepavali 2014

Hindus around the world are celebrating Deepavali or the Festival of Light on 22 October 2014 - a celebration of good over evil, and light over darkness. 
Here's our wishes for a blessed Deepavali to family, friends and all who celebrate.
Love, light, happiness, peace (and flowers!) to all. 
[Photo credited to Dinesh Aravindhakshan and the gifted eyes through which he views the world]


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