Valentine's Day 2014

It was an exceptional Valentine's Day. Thank you for trusting us with your expressions of love. A big thank you also to all Friends-of-Nook who dropped in to help condition flowers, lift buckets, sweep the floor, take out the bags and bags of clippings and trash, fed the Floristas and told funny stories of love, courtship and happy blunders. You guys made it all the more special. 

Here are some photos from the day (wanted to snap more but hands were too full.) 

A gorgeous-smelling arrangement  in a glass cube with red roses, daisies, eustomas and eucalyptus.
The customer who ordered this basket has been with us since our first Valentine's Day at Nook. A gentleman who's favourite (and specific) combination is 2 dozen pink roses and 2 white lilies. We have great fun coming up with different interpretations for him.
This photo was sent in by another long-term customer. She added a  cheeky note saying that her husband was chuffed that he was the first to receive Valentine's Day flowers at his office ... much to the envy of the ladies there.
This avant garde piece was specifically crafted for a notable member of the creative arts industry from her adoring husband. It features a two-piece arrangement featuring vase with cymbidium orchids and cypress which is accompanied by a rustic heart-shaped nest studded with classic red roses and eustomas.

Close up of the heart-shaped nest featuring red roses and eustomas. 

Lush arrangement in a lass cube with roses, eustomas and cymbidium orchids dotted with daisies, buttons, peacock and caspia. 

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