The meaning behind Sochi's Olympic Bouquets

Sochi's Olympic Bouquets showcase Russia's Language of Flowers. Here's what the flowers signify:

The Sochi Olympics flower bouquet symbolises the colours of the host city Sochi. The bright yellow from the solidago symbolises the healing properties of the wealth of the Krasnodar region. Green and white miniature chrysanthemums reflect the meadows and mountains that stretch along the Black Sea. Laurel has always symbolised victory and its presence in the Sochi flowers also goes back to the hospitality and kindness of the people of the Caucasus. The remaining ingredient is eucalyptus. This fragrant ornamental was historically planted in Sochi to help drain the wetlands.

Olympic flowers are carefully chosen not just what they symbolise to the host nation but notably also for their hardiness as well as their ability to withstand dehydration and fluctuating temperatures.

Photo credit: AP
Women's super-G gold medal winner, Austria's Anna Fenninger smells her flower bouquet during the flower ceremony on the podium at Sochi 2014.

Photo credit: Guardian

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