Happy Valentine's Day from Nook Flowers

It's been roses and more roses, spilling out of pails, all over the shop the last couple of days as we prepare for Valentine's Day. Other than the classic deep red, we also had among others various shades of pinks, yellow, purple and a gorgeous purple (Brenda, our principal florista couldn't stop raving about this hue).

Something's also got to be said about how good and fresh the shop's been smelling! People just walked in and stood in the middle of the shop and took a deep breath - it was a lung booster, Nook Flowers style.

Your floristas were super busy, arranging flowers, composing bouquets, manning the phones, writing cards and making huge satin bows and we hope all the recipients of those lovely bouquets will be enjoy their tokens of love from their loved ones.

True to Malaysian style, we have had some last minute sheepish requests from those who had either
a) totally forgotten it's Valentine's Day
b) believed a woman when she said, "no need to buy flowers on Valentine's Day lah" and are now regretting it

Unfortunately, by the time these lovers made their way to us we were totally out of flowers for but in the spirit of amour they've placed orders for super-extra-huge-special bouquets for delivery end of this week. One chap (bless his heart) has even decided to go the EXTRA mile and book for flowers to be sent on the 14th of EACH month for the rest of 2011. Now that's an idea (and a great way to get out of the doghouse!)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and don't forget, everyday CAN be Valentine's Day. Just give a call and leave the details to us :)

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