Sonia's flowers for Guys & Dolls

So we got a call from Sonia earlier this week – she was excited, her pal was opening a salon called Guys & Dolls in Kelana Jaya and Sonia wanted to send some blooms to commemorate the occasion. After a minimal description of her friend’s taste and the set-up of the salon, she said, “That’s it! I leave the rest up to you.” We love challenges like this! Our principal florista felt Sonia should (instead of a loud arrangement placed at the entryway on a stand …*yawn*) send an arrangement in a glass vase which could be placed on the counter top or reception table and be better appreciated rather than be left on the pavement outside and exposed to the elements.

Here’s what we put together for Sonia - mixed composition of multi-hued gerberas and asters. Judging by the lovely phone call we got from her and the enthusiastic message she left on Nook Flower’s facebook page, we’re guessing she’s happy with the results.

Thanks for looking us up Sonia and congratulations Guys & Dolls on your grand opening!

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