Wedding: Sherril & Anand, in a Garden by the Sea

A wedding that was 8 months of planning and full of delightful details. Sherril loved the idea of using succulents in the wedding and naturally that became our starting point. Next up came a beautiful colour palette that ranged from rich plum to jadeite green, which she shared with all attending the wedding and in true form guests arrived wearing apparels inspired by the colour theme! Next we added all the shabby, chic, rustic details and voila the pieces fell into place. 

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: The chiller packed to the hilt with with rustic compositions of eustomas, mums, hydrangeas and baby's breath.

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: Votives wrapped in vintage lace

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: Trays and trays of succulents everywhere
Teeny tiny pegs painted in wedding theme colours.

Behind the scenes at Nook Flowers: Grapevine baskets filled with mokara and dendrobium orchids, prepped and ready to be hung on shepard hooks

The gorgeous bridesmaids getting dolled up with fresh flowers in their hair.
Love how the jewel toned succulents in each bouquet pops out to announce its presence! 

Each bouquet was just slightly different from the other - specially made for the lovely lady carrying it.

The bride and her bridesmaids. This photo perfectly describes the joy and fun that surrounded this wedding.

Fairy lights everywhere added a magical ambiance.

Single cymbidium orchid sits pretty on the place setting.

All the theme colours of the wedding gloriously made up this sculptural wishing tree.

A river of colour poured down from the wishing tree onto the table.

Submerged orchids dotted with flickering light from floating candles were placed everywhere in the cocktail area preceding the ballroom.

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