The Day that was Valentine's 2012

No matter how you look at it – be it as a commercially driven event or as the day star-crossed lovers exchange mushy declarations of love – there is some magic in Valentine’s Day (segue: I’m thinking of Queen’s 'It's a Kind of Magic'). We met so many people ... girl/boyfriends, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends who popped in to pick-up something special for their loved ones… and vicariously the Nooklets (as we’re unofficially being referred to these days) shared in this magic

On an encouraging note, our signature, minimalist style of presentation continues to be well received and more and more customers are taking the cue and placing emphasis on the natural beauty of the flowers as opposed to the copious amounts of paper and plastic that it conventionally arrives in. Brenda, our principal florista is also standing firm in her quest to educate folks that Valentine's Day blooms should not be limited to roses but instead be a reflection of the receiver's taste. The thought the sender puts into this will naturally make for a better bouquet. But this is an ongoing project ...

As a bonus, Stephen Chong ( spent the day in the flower shop taking photos of us going about our work. Stephen was so quiet and stealth-like, we forgot he was even there but he says it makes for better photos!  The slideshow of his day at Nook can be found at Kizoa slideshow - Nook Flowers.

Loads of folks posted on Facebook about the flowers they received from us, so we’ll just let the photos do the talking:

Personal fave was from Doggy Bag Malaysia. "Thank you Nook! Your wonderful bouquet of flowers arrived yesterday and as you can is enjoyed by all! Ziggy gives Nook a big nose up!"

To those of you who walked-in that day, you would have been cheerily served by the oh-so-sweet Farah Diyanah who (happily for us) was back in Malaysia for her hols and chose to spend the day amongst the blooms. Here’s her account of  A Day as a Nooklet.

Farah leaves for Melbourne in a few days and we are sending her off with thoughts of gratitude and much, much affection. It was joy having you with us, kiddo and you made us all smile (even Brenda who can be hyper-serious when in work mode) J

To our customers (repeat and first timers), Valentine's Day or not, we're grateful to have you in our lives. 

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