Flowery Thursdays at Mang Tha Centre

Once a week, armed with armfuls of flowers we make our way from Bangsar South to a less popular part of Pudu for
an afternoon with the Myanmar Refugee women of Mang Tha project – the last few weeks they have been learning flower arranging skills from Brenda, our principal florista.

A few months ago, we got wind that they had been hoping for such training for a long time to use for special events in their communities and when we heard about it, we got in touch with Ariane De, the manager for the centre who promptly sent word to the ladies. Class 1 started with 15 women but every week the numbers are growing. Ariane said that these little moments of happiness matter a great deal to them as their living conditions as hard. As for us, we’re just happy that they are happy! Classes are lots of fun and every week their confidence level improves a tad bit more! Here are scenes from the classes:

Scene from Day 1 when together we learnt the basic steps of handling the tools of the trade
By Class2 we were making significant progress.

The ladies going about the paces of putting the arrangement together
A group of the ladies with their creation. Smiles all around at this class.

Voila! Close-up of the Christmas centerpiece as made by the ladies in Class#3

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