Nook Flowers Valentine's Day 2011

For Valentine's Day 2011, Nook Flowers presents a stunning aqua packed bouquet of a dozen handpicked roses, lovingly hand-wrapped in Nook Flowers’ signature style.

Prices start from RM130.00 ONLY (single colour & excludes delivery charges).

*** Order before February 1, 2011 and pay only RM110! (single colour & excludes delivery charges)***

Need more than flowers?
- Just add RM19.90 for an arrangement in a clear glass vase.
- Sweeten your declarations with premium Lavand chocolates starting from RM40.00
If roses don’t tickle your fancy give us a call at 014 368 1044. Let’s talk flowers.

* Our normal delivery hours are from 10am-5pm. Where possible we will try to accommodate your request on specific timing but this is subject to the day’s delivery’s schedule
* To ensure you get the best of our service & due to the popularity of Valentine’s Day, please place your orders at least 3 days ahead of intended delivery date.
* Prices quoted excludes delivery rates.

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