Do you thrive artistically in order or chaos?

This quote came out of a posting called ‘How to steal like an artist (and 9 things nobody else told me)’ at The backdrop that the quote’s placed on comes from a wedding we worked on last year (more photos from that wedding are in a previous post).

Anyone who’s got a modicum of artistic vibe and have travelled the oft-times confusing and contradictory path of trying to find their own brand of creativity will find value in this quote. Nook Flowers is almost 3 years old and the journey of creating the Nook brand with its distinctive look, feel and identity has been a challenge and a lovely work-in-progress. I for one have a clear preference for order and abhor the muddled waves of interrupted thought that comes from chaos. Although lately I have discovered a knack for calming down chaos quite quickly, so that order can return and work progresses as planned. When all else fails, I carve out 'time-out for thinking' sessions. Figured out what works for you yet?

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